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What Would Happen?

What would happen if we respected each other? If we separated views from parties and divisions. If we looked at each other as children of God, beloved and forgiven. If we didn’t see differences as “right” or “wrong” but merely differences of opinion.

What would happen if we cared for each other? If we wanted the best for each other instead of being in competition with others. If we wanted everyone to be safe and healthy.

What would happen if we shared the wealth instead of hoarding it? If we eliminated poverty and starvation. If we wanted everyone to have the food, housing and jobs that they need.

What would happen if we lived without fear? If law enforcement was unbiased and applauded for their hard work knowing we all benefit from an unprejudiced police force. If those seeking sanctuary in our country looking to escape war or poverty were invited in to find shelter and safety.

What would happen if we truly lived as children of God? If we shared the good news out of joy instead of thinking we have to all think the same, that there are limits to God’s love and redemption.

What would happen?

Photo by Rhys Kentish on Unsplash

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