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I’m basically a very shy person. I’ve learned over the years to be more outgoing and personable, but it takes a lot of intentional energy. I have a hard time talking about faith to people I don’t know or don’t know well. The word “Christian” has become a dirty word as people have twisted Jesus’ message of a God who loves all his children into a members only club that seeks to cast out anyone with different interpretations of the bible. Jesus was clear about His message: Love God, Love others. It’s pretty basic. No back patting the religious leaders trying to follow scriptures a particular way, just a loving, forgiving, accepting God.

Rob Bell talks about sharing God’s using the analogy of a young child with a new toy wanting to share with everyone her incredible gift. She was so excited she had to tell everyone. This is how we should respond to the incredible gift we’ve received.

God loves us. God wants a relationship with us. God wants us to spread the love He has for us. He wants us to spread the message of forgiveness to relieve the burden of perfection off our shoulders. He provides the strength we need to serve Him and the foundation to serve others.

God has brought healing into my life. I should want to share it. I should be so excited I scream it from the rooftops. Not that it was some dramatic altar call. Instead, it was a slow gradual oversight of doctors and counselors bringing me through the pain. It didn’t happen during my years as an Evangelical trying to do and act as a “Christian” should. Instead, it happened when I found myself in an inclusive church that surrounded me in love.

If you’re a Christian and sharing a message of God is difficult, focus on sharing the love you’ve been shown. Love God, love others and the rest will fall into place.

Photo by Katarzyna Pypla on Unsplash

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