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Praise God

I have had a challenging life and an interesting faith journey. It took years to heal from severe childhood hurts and adult health issues. I doubted God’s love and providence. My trust had been broken and it took a long time to regain it. But God was faithful – as He always is. He patiently guided me to look to Him for healing. I’d like to say all my pain disappeared and I became this mature Christian that relied solely on God. It didn’t and I didn’t.

However, I’m in a much different place now. I have a family that stands by me no matter what. I have a support system made up of friends who know me and still love me. I have talented doctors that have found treatments to help me. I have a counselor that works with me to show me my value and Pastor Malcolm and church members to challenge and encourage my faith. Doors have opened to ministries that make me feel like I’m giving back to my church and community.

If I could go back in time, I would trust God more and my ego less. It’s easy to look back and see God at work now but I confess I waited until God had done a lot to truly trust His love for me. While He was at work, I was thinking He wasn’t doing enough. I wished He would answer my prayers in specific ways instead of taking the time to see what He was doing.

I think what would have helped me would have been – and is now – taking the time to just praise God. Praise His blessings. See how He is at work. Look over your life and see the little things like a kind word from a stranger or a hug from a child. Trust His love, knowing that He is by your side or lifting you up through the challenges of life. Even if all that feels like too much or not enough, praise Him anyway. Pray He opens your eyes to what He’s doing and praise Him even in the dark. Because He IS at work. He does love you and He is with you. Praise God!

 Photo by Jacob Bentzinger on Unsplash

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