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A Message to Us

I know it’s hard. Your body hurts. The pain feels overwhelming, but you are strong.

I know it’s hard. Your body feels like it’s in mud and takes every ounce of energy just to exist, but you get up every day to face the world.

I know it’s hard. Your mind struggles to make sense of the world. Things happen that you don’t understand but you push forward.

I know it’s hard. Your heart is broken. It aches from the disappointments that threaten to consume you, but you continue to love others.

I know it’s hard. You feel isolated and the thought that no one cares pushes out the feelings of love and support you crave. Loneliness is a constant pressure that threatens to break you, but you find the strength to reach out to others.

I know it’s hard, but you will survive. You will persevere. You will love.

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