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Have You Packed Your Parachute?

After spending her entire life in the Pacific Northwest, my youngest child has decided to move several states away to begin a new life. It breaks my heart to have her living far away, seeing her a few times a year (if I’m lucky) instead of anytime I like. It also fills me with pride to see my baby bird leave the nest and fly free. While I’d love to tell her not to go, that she’s making a big mistake, I don’t think she is. She’s going with her eyes wide open to the benefits and drawbacks of moving away. She has family and friends in the area to give her support on her new adventure. She’s made plans to be financially secure. Sometimes, the enormity of the change, leaving her immediate family, gives her pause but I’ve reassured her that we’re a phone call and a two-hour airplane ride away. I told her, “it may feel like you’re jumping out of an airplane but you’ve packed your parachute and you’ll be okay.”

I’ve never been skydiving, and I know there can be risks, but preparation and the right equipment is key. I don’t do extreme sports but I admire those who do. I admire their courage, strength and skill. I have the utmost respect for those who take their sport – whatever it is – seriously and properly prepare for the risks. I envy the experiences they are exposed to – something most of us will only read about or view on YouTube.

Are you facing a new adventure? Are you fearful of what’s ahead? I’ll share with you the same advice I’ve given my daughter.

Risks and Benefits

Have you looked at all the risks and benefits? If you know what you’re getting yourself into, you can figure out how best to prepare. You can determine if pursuing this path is right for you – or a mistake. When you go into a new adventure with your eyes wide, open you minimize surprises. While you don’t want to attempt to control every aspect – it’s not possible and you’ll only be disappointed – having a clear picture of what to expect enables you to make informed decisions and appropriate preparations.


Do you have a support system in place? As I’ve shared before, my daughter is in recovery. It’s crucial she have a solid support system in place and she does. She has friends in her new state that are anxious for her to arrive. We have family in the area to provide love and support for her. She has a plan in place to find a new home group and a sponsor. She’s supported.

Be Prepared

My daughter has made preparations to be financially secure, as well. She’s talked to her manager about transferring to a job in her new state. She’s been saving money for months should there be any problems with that plan and to cover any surprise expenses.

Have a Back-Up Plan

What do you do if all your initial plans fall apart? Have a back-up plan in place. My daughter knows what to do if there’s a problem with any of the plans she’s put into place and knows how to execute them.

Trust Yourself

Have you packed your parachute? If you’ve done all the preparation, and are ready to go, trust your decision! Yes, there will always be risks. There will always be surprises in life we can’t prepare for and there’s always the risk your plan will fall apart but there’s also the possibility of meeting new people, making new friends and having the adventure of your life! I may not want my daughter to go but I never want her to be afraid to try.

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