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Thank you, God!

My blog post this week is simply to thank God. I had a stressful week. I started my Certified Lay Ministry classes. I’m taking a “Called to Preach” class. I’m leading our Lenten Bible Study at church and I led a women’s retreat Saturday. And, oh yeah, I have schizoaffective disorder and gastroparesis!

The only way I survived this week was by the grace of God. He didn’t cure me. I had hallucinations and delusions all week. I woke up from night terrors. I overate and paid the price with pain and bloating. But I did it! I did the assignments and the retreat preparation and the bible study preparation and lived to tell the tale. I was in my bible every night. I was praying like crazy. I was meditating to quiet my brain and fall asleep. And God was with me.

So, dear Lord, thank you! Thank you for the honor to be able to serve you and your children. Thank you for giving me the strength to make it through. Thank you for the words to lead and study. Thank you for your forgiveness as I repeatedly refused to believe you had it all under control. Thank you!

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