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Praise God!

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Why is it so much easier to trust God when He answers our prayers the way we want but the minute He says, “no” or “wait”, the doubts creep in. I’m actually in a really good place right now. God has answered all but one major prayer – parking spots don’t count – and yet I find myself questioning Him. While I see doors opening, I question if He’ll be there as I walk through. Even though I know He is trustworthy, still I doubt.

I participated in another Wild Church yesterday. We worship our God by getting back in touch with nature. We walk along trails, marveling at His creation: the trees and plants, the rocks and river, the bridges over creeks. We can hear the water rushing and the birds chirping. We walk alone, at one with God. I gazed in awe at the enormity of this beautiful world we’ve been given. I couldn’t help but praise His name.

I realized the two ideas are connected. It’s easier to trust when I fill my mind with thanks and praise. When I praise Him for the times He’s blessed me, when I thank Him for the answers to prayers He’s already given, it’s easier to trust that He’ll do it again. He may say, “no”. He may say, “wait”. Or He may give me my hearts desire. Either way it will be what’s best for me. Praise God!

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