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Our Savior is Born!

I love decorating our house for the holidays. I have multiple bins filled with decorations, candles, ornaments, special towels for a Christmas themed kitchen and bathroom. I can imagine the eye rolls I get especially from my wife, brother and children but I love it. It makes me remember the specialness of Christmas.

But all those things aren’t Christmas. Christmas is the time to remember the most awesome thing ever: Our God coming to earth as a baby. Wow! Isn’t that just amazing? Our God loved us so much He sacrificed himself. Our almighty God and creator came to earth as a baby! Our omniscient God knew what was coming. He knew He would be vilified. He knew He would be crucified. He knew but loved us more. He wanted a relationship with His children and proved it by His death and resurrection. He came down to experience the human condition. Not for glory but for us, to guide us back into right relationship with Him. He showed us how to truly love others as He loves us.

As we get distracted by all the busyness and spending let us keep the season of Christmas in perspective. Let us focus not on the stuff but the “reason for the season”. Let us show love the way God does: sacrificially. During this Christmas season realize the gift of the Christ Child. Sit and think about it. Take a moment to really let this become real for you. In the midst of your shopping and Christmas music, the holiday parties and homemade cookies and pies, don’t forget the most important part: LOVE.

Photo by Steve Hruza on Unsplash

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