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Deeply Loved

My dearest friend, my “little sister”, got married yesterday. It was beautiful. It was a rainbow themed backyard wedding. Their yard was festooned with lights, a large gazebo framed the ceremony, and the food was amazing. They put the wedding together in less than a month, but every detail came together. It was so fun! We danced to rock music for my friend and Hispanic music for her bride. The two cultures blended to make the ceremony unforgettable.

As amazing as the wedding was, that wasn’t what stood out to me the most. It was watching my friend be so HAPPY! There’s something about seeing someone you love so happy that makes the heart sing. With all the craziness of putting a wedding together quickly, she still found time to attend to her wife-to-be when my friend got a bit snippy. She comforted her when her bride got overwhelmed. The kisses and hugs spoke volumes of the love they share. Watching the two of them support one another was so special.

I remember seeing that happiness before. It’s the same happiness my wife felt when she could finally be herself. It’s the same happiness I feel when I’m depressed or psychotic and my wife does the little things to make me feel safe and seen. It’s feeling fully accepted and loved and cherished.

I wish that happiness for everyone whether it’s a person, a career or a hobby. We all deserve to be happy not superficially but deep in our soul. For those of you who have that, savor the experience. And for those who don’t, I pray that you will. It can take some time but persevering despite the setbacks is so worth it!

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